Hearts & Arrows Precision Cut Montana Sapphire

We are the only company in the United States that is commercially producing precision cut and polished Montana sapphires in all sizes. Our custom diamond cut designs create exceptionally brilliant sapphires.

Montana Sapphire Mine in Rock Creek. Arlan Abel (Americut Gems) and Keith Barron (Potentate Mining llc.)

Mining for Sapphires

The United States is home to one of the richest Montana sapphires deposit in the world. After two decades, Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are being mined on a large scale for jewelry use. Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are mined in Montana with modern practices that are environmentally friendly and that safe guard the health and safety of the miner.
Montana sapphires ethical mining

Ethical Mining Practices

After the sapphires have been extracted, the soil is replaced and seeded with native grasses. Within weeks there is very little evidence of mining activity.
Americut Gems

Our Cutting Factory

All of Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are cut & polished in the United States on our computerized robotic cutting and polishing machines. Our state of the art machines are designed and manufactured in the United States by Master Gem cutter Kiwon Jang.

Precision cut Montana sapphire

All American Sapphire®

We are large suppliers to the Jewelry Trade of precision cut Rock Creek Sapphire in calibrated sizes 2mm and up.  “The All American Sapphire®” Mined – Cut- Polished in the USA.  All our Montana Sapphire are guaranteed to be mined, cut and heat treated within the USA.

All American Sapphire®


Virtually every sapphire sold in the US has been mined and cut in developing countries where working conditions and environmental regulations are weak, unenforced or nonexistent.

The new All American Sapphire® represents a road less traveled and was created for discerning customers who value domestic production, ethical mining, superior cutting and transparency.

  • Every All American Sapphire® has been mined, cut and polished in the USA.
  • Every All American Sapphire® has been ethically sourced from eco-friendly mines.
  • Every All American Sapphire® has been cut and polished with state of the art CAD/CAM robotic technology programmed to produce superior brilliance.
  • Transparency/documentation

Eco-friendly mines

Every All American Sapphire® has been mined in Western Montana (USA) where miners must comply with numerous federal, state, and local regulations. Rules requiring complete and timely reclamation of mine acreage are strictly enforced. These enforced regulations ensures the environmental sustainability of US based  Sapphire mining and contrasts sharply with most overseas sapphire production where the well documented failure to remediate abandoned mining sites is commonplace.


CAD/CAM robotic faceting

Every All American Sapphire® is preformed, faceted and polished robotically. The CAD/CAM equipment is programmed to produce exceptionally bright and lively sapphires that display maximum brilliance. This contrasts sharply with most overseas hand cutting where brilliance is sacrificed to a traditional bias that favors weight retention for the express purpose of creating illusory value. Unlike most commercial hand cutting, robotic faceting can produce more uniform outcomes. Consistent, uniform cutting perfection is what gives meaning and value to the branding of sapphires as in the All American Sapphire®.



All relevant dimensions and angles of every All American Sapphire® is measured and recorded before it is sold. This provides a customer with a unique id of each stone and documents the commitment to a very high cutting standard. The symmetry of every All American Sapphire® is measured and graded. The symmetry grades are based on the same criteria the GIA has established for the symmetry grading of diamonds.