All American Sapphire Bracelet

All American Sapphire®

We are large suppliers to the Jewelry Trade of precision cut Rock Creek Sapphire in calibrated sizes 2mm and up.  “The All American Sapphire” Mined – Cut- Polished in the USA.  All our Montana Sapphire are guaranteed to be mined, cut and heat treated within the USA.

Montana Sapphire Mine in Rock Creek. Arlan Abel (Americut Gems) and Keith Barron (Potentate Mining llc.)

Mining for Sapphires

The United States is home to one of the richest Montana sapphires deposit in the world. For the first time in history, Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are being mined on a large scale for jewelry use. Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are mined in Montana with modern practices that are environmentally friendly and that safe guard the health and safety of the miner.
Montana sapphires ethical mining

Ethical Mining Practices

After the sapphires have been extracted, the soil is replaced and seeded with native grasses. Within weeks there is very little evidence of mining activity.
Americut Gems

Our Cutting Factory

All of Montana sapphires from Rock Creek are cut & polished in the United States on our computerized robotic cutting and polishing machines. Our state of the art machines are designed and manufactured in the United States by Master Gem cutter Kiwon Jang.

Precision cut Montana sapphire

Hearts & Arrows Precision Cut Montana Sapphire

We believe we are the only company in the United States that is commercially producing precision cut and polished Montana sapphires in all sizes. Our custom diamond cut designs create exceptionally brilliant sapphires.

All American Sapphire

Americut Gems cuts and polishes sapphires that are mined near Rock Creek in Southwestern Montana. Our “All American Sapphire™” is precision cut and polished in the US with our proprietary robotic cutting/polishing technology. This technology makes it possible for us to finish all of our stones in the US, in many shapes and in all sizes from 2 mm +.

There are several advantages to producing gemstones with robotic technology in the USA. The first is transparency. The “All American Sapphire™” is mined, cut and polished in the USA. For this reason, it may be the most environmentally friendly, and transparent “mine to market” precious gemstone in the trade. We value this transparency and are both proud and pleased to make it available to a public that is increasingly concerned about environmental stewardship and worker safety.

A second advantage to producing precision cut polished gemstones with robotic technology is their more uniform and superior face up appearance. A third advantage is that robotic cutting makes it possible to produce unique custom designs that would be difficult to execute and replicate by hand.

Sapphire is the only precious gemstone mined in the USA in commercial quantities. Americut Gems considers it a national treasure. We believe it should be cut and polished to the highest possible standards. We are confident that there are no other sapphires anywhere in the world that are finished better than the “All American Sapphire®”.