Blue Sapphire – Cushion 1.66Ct


Blue Sapphire – Cushion 1.66Ct

  • ID: 48598
  • Species: Natural Sapphire
  • Origin: Montana,USA
  • Weight: 1.66ct
  • Dimensions: 6.2×6.2×4.9mm
  • Color: Medium Blue/ Teal
  • Shape: Cushion
  • Clarity: Eye clean
  • Treatment: Heat only


Blue Sapphire – Cushion 1.66Ct.  This is a very fine square cushion Montana Sapphire. The fine light to medium blue color shifts to teal in artificial light. The stone is virtually flawless, is very bright, and has excellent sparkle. The price has been discounted $50 per carat because the culet it is technically a braided. It cannot be seen. This is a beautiful stone. Eyeclean

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