Bluegreen Montana Sapphire-Round 2.11cts

Bluegreen Montana Sapphire-Round 2.11cts

  • ID: KD1004
  • Brand: All American Sapphire™
  • Species: Genuine Sapphire
  • Origin: Montana,USA
  • Weight: 2.11cts
  • Dimensions: 8.14mm
  • Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Clarity:  Eye clean
  • Treatment: Unheated





Bluegreen Montana Sapphire-Round 2.11cts

This incredible specimen is one of the most highly prized finds among Montana sapphire. The sapphire is a beautiful rich teal in daylight and different tones of green in artificial light sources. With over two carats of nearly flawless and  unheated All American Sapphire®, this special design cut round brilliant is a rare find. It exudes a colored diamond like sparkle that would be spectacular as a center stone in an engagement ring.

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