Bluegreen Sapphire – Round .81Ct

Blue Green Sapphire – Round .81Ct
ID: 88095
Species: Natural Sapphire
Origin: Montana,USA
Weight: .81
Dimensions: 5.5×3.6mm
Shape: Round
Clarity: VS1
Treatment: Heat only


Blue Green Sapphire – Round .81Ct. This Montana sapphire is a beautiful and nearly flawless gemstone. It is a medium blue color in daylight with a slight bluegreen in artificial light. Just a very small fingerprint inside this All American Sapphire™ that is not visible with the naked eye and does not affect it’s brilliance. This .81 classic color change rock Creek sapphire is virtually flawless and so displays a distinctive diamond like brilliance. It is an excellent diamond simulant with medium blue color in daylight and a distinct color shift to teal in fluorescent light.

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