Green Sapphire-Round 1.13cts

Green Sapphire-Round 1.13cts
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire™
Origin: Montana,USA
Weight: 1.13ct
Dimensions: 6.25mm
Color: Green
Shape: Round
Clarity: Included
Treatment: Heat Only


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Green Sapphire-Round 1.13cts. This is a very lively and bright round brilliant sapphire that displays green and yellow in daylight and shifts to a medium green and yellow in some artificial light. The diamond like brilliance of this stone is outstanding. The round brilliant shape is cut to mimic the diamond hearts and arrows profile which is the standard for the All American Sapphire from Montana. This might be a first choice for anyone looking for a vivid and lively pastel multicolored sapphire with a greenish bias. The stone is technically not eye clean but, does not significantly affect it’s overall brilliance.


Green Sapphire-Round 1.13cts


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