Light Green Montana Sapphire – Cushion 2.32 carats

Blue-Green Montana Sapphire – Cushion 2.32 cts


Species: Natural Sapphire

Brand: All American Sapphire®

Origin: Montana,USA



Color: Green

Shape: Cushion

Clarity: Eye Clean

Treatment: Heated

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Light Green Montana Sapphire – Cushion 2.32 carats

This is in truth a one of a kind, collectors choice Montana sapphire. It is an excellent colored diamond simulant because it is very brilliant. In daylight it displays colorless, light blue and light green flash and shifts to a minty green with yellow pinpoints in artificial light. Were it not so lively, it could be mistaken for a pale emerald. It has been cut into a square cushion shape to the very high All American Sapphire cutting standard with excellent symmetry and proportions. The stone has excellent clarity and could be described as essentially flawless. This makes for an intensely vivid and brilliant face up diamond like look. #118010

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