‘Secret Cove’ Bluegreen Montana Sapphire 1.71cts

‘Secret Cove’ Bluegreen Montana Sapphire 1.71cts

  • ID: 98008
  • Brand: All American Sapphire™
  • Species: Genuine Sapphire
  • Origin: Montana,USA
  • Weight: 1.71cts
  • Dimensions: 7.5×6.5×4.5mm
  • Shape: Cushion
  • Clarity: Eye clean
  • Treatment: Heat only


‘Secret Cove’ Bluegreen Montana Sapphire 1.71cts

This All American Sapphire® has been cut into our special design cut cushion called the ‘Secret Cove’. This ‘best in class’ sapphire design has  near perfect symmetry and so it is quite lively displaying the highest possible color and scintillation from within the sapphire. This type of stone at 1.71 carats is in chronic short supply. It has a beautiful blue color in daylight that turns teal in fluorescent. The silk patterns are visually inconsequential but, does foster a softer look like that of Ceylon material. The videos color turned out more saturated blue then what is seen with the eye. Heated #98008

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